About the cost calculator

The tool provides users the possibility of calculating the monetary value of climate change and accident costs on selected origin/destination routes for freight transport. Climate change and accident costs were chosen because they were omitted from those external costs that road freight may be charged for in the 2011 revision of the 'Eurovignette Directive'. Other external costs (e.g. air pollution, noise and congestion) are not currently included (and neither is passenger transport covered), but it is intended that future development of the tool will add in additional external cost categories.

The tool is closely related to the EcoTransIT World tool. EcoTransIT World provides traffic and emission data for freight transport on selected origin/destination routes. This tool uses the same routing mechanism, logistical parameters and emission factors as in EcoTransIT World, with traffic and emission data the same for both tools. In an additional step the external costs of climate change and accident costs will be calculated.

The tool contains both a standard and extended mode. In the standard mode the external costs are calculated based on default parameters in the tool (e.g. marginal external accident costs). The extended mode provides users the opportunity to change some of the parameters themselves and run the tool based on the adapted parameters. In section @ the additional opportunities provided by the extended mode will be discussed for both the calculation of climate change and accident costs.

The tool covers the following modes: road, rail, inland waterways, short sea shipping and combined transport. Air transport is not included, since the share of air transport in total freight transport is negligible.

All external costs calculated in the tool refer to 2008 and are also expressed in the price level of 2008.

For more Information please download the Background report from this website.

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